Friday, July 18, 2014

Star Date 7172014 - Starting Over...

I'm Krys Christoffersen and I'm a beached whale.  I would like to get it out there before anyone thinks I'm being down on myself or depressed.  I am fat and I may never be as thin as I would like - and I'm good with that.  I ENJOY referring to myself as fat, whale-like, manatee related or genetically spliced with a marshmallow.  It's OK!

I think that too many people take themselves too seriously.  I have body image problems but I feel better about them when I crack wise because I'm an incredibly sarcastic and awesome human being.  I used to be down on myself and couldn't bring myself to say anything good about me even in job interviews.  My self depreciating humor started me on a good path and I know it's unusual for most people to grasp that a positive can start out from a negative.  After I got used to acknowledging through humor my flaws I was able to then actually accept my qualities which is a far greater asset than just not saying I'm fat.  It took me to the age of 26 to realize I'm not an entirely useless skin bag rolling around through life shoving chips and cookies into her maw.

Thus this is the realization I came to: Sure, the world thinks fat people are gross, stupid and sort of a waste of space but when more than 2.1 BILLION people are fat just like you (that's 29% of the World Pop people) and 40% of the world population use the internet - I'm guessing the only people telling me I'm gross are the 29% fat people or at least a huge portion of them that don't realize they're the pot calling the kettle black.

I'm not advocating to increase the fatness population though and on the total flip side of the above statements I am starting a weight loss "thing" to improve my knees, my health, my weight and my self-esteem.  I feel like I'm just a better person when I work out - I may not lose weight but I feel like I look better and just feeling better about yourself should make whatever you do worth doing.

So here I go.  I'm taking the plunge and will be starting to work out more (currently doing Aqua Size 2x a week at our Leisure Centre) and will try my best to eat more healthy.

Did I mention I have Celiac Disease too? Yep.


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