Monday, July 21, 2014

Successful Completion of Trip

Wow.  Cavalia is awesome.  As in the previous post I said it was difficult to go on trips and keep eating right for 2 reasons – fast food and Celiac Disease.  Typically I’d go without eating if I couldn’t satisfy the Celiac issue because I’d rather be hungry than be sick. 

So on this trip I ate out 4 times. I was going to go into detail about it but seriously if you are ever curious what I’m eating day to day you can check me out on FitnessPal.  I did not eat healthy on this trip.  I just ate what was available.

I also ate whatever today because I got lazy.  I’m supposed to go home and get myself a meal but I have to drive 20 minutes to get there and I just really didn’t feel like it.  It’s a good thing that I have a 9 hour shift that gives me 1.5 hours of break time as I use it to drive to and from my house to have my lunch.  Sometimes I bring lunch to work but the issue with that is when people see you eating at your desk they think you can still work while you eat.  Sure, I could but I’m trying to watch Psyche or an equally silly show on Netflix for my break.

PiYo is on it's way to my house still.  I need to sit down and make a work out calendar.  I go swimming every Tuesday and Thursday with my mom.  It’s an Aquasize class that takes place at the Crescent Heights Leisure Centre.  I started taking it to help improve the muscle strength in my right knee.

What’s wrong with it you ask?  Not too terribly sure yet.  I injured it while kneeling (ironically I was kneeling because I was installing foam on the floor to help my other knee).  This was back in March and I don’t have an MRI until August.  I can walk mostly without a limp at this point but I can’t speed walk, job, run, climb stairs or turn too suddenly.  I’m still very surprised how slow it is taking to heal and I keep worrying something is more wrong with it than there appears to be.  I really expected it to be crap for a month and then I’d be back at work – at this point I’m wondering if there may be permanent damage and if I will ever be able to move fast again. 

True story from my vacation: while walking to the Cavalia show Ryan ran ahead to meet up with our group and I somehow took a slight turn off the path and ended up having to cross 4 lanes of traffic with no intersection and a large meridian in the middle blocking my path.  It was a fairly busy highway section.  I got across the first 2 lanes at my normal hobble without any vehicles coming but once I mountain climbed the 2 foot tall meridian and was 1/3 way across the 3rd lane vehicles started coming around the corner.  I didn’t want to die so I tried to speed up and much to my dismay I found a locking sensation in my knee and a twinge in my thigh that told me I was at my top speed.  Thankfully, the drivers didn’t want to kill me either so they must have slowed down just enough for me to hobble pass them to the grass.  I did get some honks :( Sorry guys!

…what was the point I was making before this tangent?  Oh yes, calendar.  I need to make one to include my low impact Aquasize workout that I’m doing to help my knee and I’m going to try and do PiYo (it’s Pilates and Yoga in one) to see if I can help my knee along even more while trying to lose weight.  It’s also supposed to be low impact so I’m hoping I can manage to work with it.  My doctor keeps telling me I need to lose weight in order to get some stress off my knees but it’s all a catch 22 when I can’t do the work outs that would give me the best results because I’m a gimp.

I’m still going to try.  I was also considering incorporating my Wii Fit into the progress.  I never use my Wii so I might as well put it to work.  Wii Fit does mostly balance stuff so that will hopefully be good in regaining the balance I lost through all my knee problems.

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